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Anna Pitruzzello / Owner

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This is what my customers say about me 

"Anna is not only an amazing hairdresser but an amazing person as well! She always makes you feel comfortable and relaxed! She turned my dry, dead hair into silky, shiny, and healthy!! I always get the glaze and a cut; my hair has never looked, felt, or been healthier in my life! I recommend her 100 out of 100 times you will NOT be disappointed!"   


~Suzy D


" I LOVE STUDIO 3 SALON!!! If you are looking to get away from all the toxic chemicals in traditional salons and regain your natural healthy hair then don't hesitate to make an appointment with Anna at Studio 3 Salon...Anna is passionate about organic hair care and taught me that there is a difference between organic products. Anna is a truly grifted hair artist...she is knowledgeable about all aspects of the business and can assess each clients personal need with confidence. My hair is in great condition thanks to Anna's many years of expertise. I always get compliments on the color which stays much longer than the chemical versions that burn and smell when you are getting it color is the complete burning and no offensive odor. I am confident you will love your experience at Studio 3 Salon...the atmosphere is bright and cheery and the one on one attention you receive from Anna is what we all want and need. I've done my research and with personal experience can honestly give Anna's Studio 3 Salon an move I made!!!! Now it's your turn!!!"


~Pam F

" I love, love, love coming to the Studio 3 Salon for so many reasons. One reason is Anna, my wonderful hairdresser. She is the ultimate professional and takes excellent care of my hair. My hair was severely damaged and Anna restored it to health. I always receive compliments regarding my hair. Another reason is the safe and organic products. I know that I am receiving the top of the line products and I'm not being exposed to the toxic products or a toxic environment. Lastly, the atmosphere in the Studio 3 Salon is so relaxing and comfortable, and I don't have to wait to get my hair done. It's an all around FANTASTIC experience. Rating 10/10"


~Felicia R

" I met Anna, owner of Studio 3 Salon, through a coupon in a magazine I never had an organic coloring, found it very interesting, which she specializes in. Well, I made my appointment and I've been going back for the last two years. She is amazing, personable, reliable, and always available at the drop of a pin. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. Rating 10/10"


~Michelle R

" I have been with Anna since 2001. I am a client that is always looking for a different cut and style and Anna was always up with the latest, and always happy with the result, loved my haircut. She is totally devoted to her work and she is a master in what she does. I would recommend her for her professional work. Rating: 10/10"


~Doris E


" When I first came to Studio 3 my hair was like straw. A previous hairdresser had dried it out so much, it was unmanageable, frizzy! I came to Studio because it is all organic and safe. Within 6 months, Anna had my hair back into shape-more luxurious and healthy. The salon is clean and does not smell of chemicals like other salons. I continue to get my hair done only by Anna due to its continued health with out the chemicals, under her care. I highly recommend Studio 3 Salon!! Rating 10/10"


~Lauren T

" I looked for a toxic chemical free salon and was delighted to find Studio 3 Salon. This salon offers certified organic hair coloring and so I switched to a safer salon. I'm thrilled with the results and the added benefit is my hair is not thinning out, and the color match is so natural. Anna is a fun, hairstylist and is very accommodating. Rating 10/10"


~Liz J

" Every time I come to this salon I throughly enjoy myself. The owner, Anna Pitruzzello is a wonderful person, she makes me laugh, makes me feel comfortable, and makes sure that when she does my hair it is only her and myself in the salon. I remember when I first started going to Anna to do my hair, my hair was thin and falling out from all the toxic chemicals I had put in my hair prior. Since going to her, my hair is healthy and has more volume. I love the fact that she uses organic, non-toxic products in my hair. 10/10"


~Shelby R

feels very healthy! I am very happy with the service and how Anna educates me in how all the products used on my hair work, and keep my hair healthy. Rating 10/10"



~Kim B